Making Garlic Oil in the Thermomix

I decided to make some garlic oil in my Thermomix. This would be the easiest way to make it, because there would be less washing up, and the benchtop will be less oily. Furthermore, no oil would be splashing all around the wok or even splashing up trying to burn me!

Garlic oil is a really useful ingredient, an easy way to add garlic to dishes. And the recipe is really simple. Here it is:


500g peeled garlic

Cooking oil


Blitz 400g of garlic in the Thermomix for just 4 to 5 seconds at speed 4. Just be mindful that the garlic will be diced and do not turn into paste.

Next, add in cooking oil until the diced garlic is covered with the oil.

Cook the garlic for 20 minutes at Varoma temperature with reverse speed + speed soft.

Cook the garlic until it is dark yellow but not burn.

Once it is done cooking, pour the garlic oil into the sterilised glass jars and keep it in the fridge when it is cool.

You can use the garlic oil in your cooking without the hassle of chopping up garlic cloves at the start of every cooking preparation. It will make cooking much faster and easier.

Garlic Oil