Mee Hoon Kueh

Mee Hoon Kueh literally means wheat flour cake. It is my favourite childhood dish. It brings back the sweet memory of myself helping my mother rolling out the dough with a glass F&N bottle instead of a rolling pin. It is a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore.  I will make sure that I have a bowl of mee hoon kueh whenever I am back in Malaysia. Here is the recipe for it:

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Easy Peasy Fried Brown Rice

Fried Rice
Easy Peasy Fried Brown Rice

In order to make a good fried rice, it is best to use overnight cooked rice. I use my Buffalo Smart Cooker to cook the rice a day before I make my fried rice. Buffalo Smart Cooker makes fluffy delicious brown rice. It has a brown rice function. Therefore, you do not need to soak your brown rice before cooking. I normally use 3 cups of brown rice with 4 cups of water. It takes about 75 minutes to cook the brown rice.

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