Loh Mai Gai (Glutinous Rice) in Buffalo Smart Cooker

I decided to cook loh mai kai for dinner on a Sunday. It is made from glutinous rice. It is a rice dish that will normally be served when you have your dim sum in a Chinese restaurant. You can make this dish in Philips All-In-One Cooker or thermomix, or even in a food steamer over the stove. Here is the recipe:


4 cups of glutinous rice

400g of the diced chicken thigh fillets which will be marinated with 3 tbsp of light soy sauce, 1 tsp caramel thick dark soy sauce,  1/4 sesame oil and 1 tsp of Chinese cooking wine.

1 tbsp of minced garlic

1 tbsp minced shallots

10 pieces of Chinese mushroom which have been soaked and shredded

30g washed dried shrimps (optional)

100g soften peanuts soaked in warm water for about 15 minutes

1tsp five spiced powder

1 tbsp caramel thick dark soy sauce

1  1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

A dash of pepper

3 tbsp cooking oil


Firstly select steam function and add stir fried minced garlic, shallots, dried shrimps and shredded mushrooms until they are aromatic.

Then, wash the glutinous rice a few times and place it into the smart cooker.

Once that is done, place the marinated diced chicken thigh fillets with the rest of the seasoning and follow that with 5  1/2 cups of water into the cooker.

Finally, select brown rice function and press the start button to start the cooking process.

A delicious plate of Loh Mai Gai/ Glutinous Rice
A delicious plate of Loh Mai Gai/ Glutinous Rice