Bacon and Cheese Buns

Term 3 school holidays started yesterday and my baking frenzy kicked off by baking Matthew’s favourite bacon and cheese buns. Here is the recipe:


3 tbsp butter

1 cup of milk

2 tbsp raw sugar

1/2 tsp of salt

1  large egg

2 tsp yeast

2 cups of plain flour

100g bacon bits

A handful of shredded cheese for sprinkling


Making these buns will need heaps of patience if you want the buns to turn out soft, moist and fluffy.  Firstly, I melt the butter in the thermomix bowl at 70 degree Celcius on speed 1 with measuring cup on for 2 minutes. After that, I pour in my milk, raw sugar, salt and egg and give it a good mix at speed 2 for 2 minutes at 37 degree Celcius. 

This is the time to add the yeast. Mix it in, and let it rest for 5 minutes.

When that is done I place 2 cups of plain flour into the thermomix bowl and knead it for 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes, I will leave the dough in the mixing bowl to be proofed until it is doubled in size. This will take an hour or so, depending on the temperature of the room.

When 1 hour is up, knead the dough for another 4 minutes in the thermomix and have it rest for another 30 minutes. That’s why I said at the start patience is essential in the process of baking buns!

After the 30 minutes, pour the dough onto the thermomat or any pastry mat.  Knead and shape it into buns. You will need to proof it for the final time for 1 hour.

Proofing the shaped buns for the final round
Proofing the shaped buns for the final round for 1 hour

Finally, after the last proofing, you can brush the buns with egg wash, and lastly, sprinkle the bacon bits and shredded cheese on the buns and bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsius for 20 to 25 minutes.

Cheese and Bacon Buns
Cheese and Bacon Buns








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