Crumbed deep fried meatballs

I had 2 packs of minced pork and veal in the fridge but was not sure what to do with it. My husband suggested that I should make crumbed deep fried beef meatballs. Here is the recipe for it:


800g of pork and veal mince

40g cooking oil for deep frying

80g rice flour

80g plain flour

2 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp steak spice

2 eggs beaten eggs for coating

100g of breadcrumbs which I made it from grounded toasted bread


Mix all the above ingredients except for cooking oil, eggs and breadcrumbs.

Heat up the cooking oil in the wok

Once the oil is heated, shape the above mix into a ball.

Next, dip it into the beaten egg and coat it with the breadcrumbs.

Place the meatballs into the hot oil and deep fry it until it is cooked in the inside and golden brown on the outside.

The following recipe can also be used for making delicious chicken nuggets. Just swap the pork and veal minced meat to chicken minced meat. We also tried beef, but pork and veal is more tender and delicious.

DeliciousCrumbed MeatBalls
Delicious Crumbed Deep Fried Meatballs





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