Macaroni Cheese in Breville Flavour Maker

My sons love macaroni cheese. I decided to cook it in my Breville Flavour Maker because I will only need to wash the easy sear pan. It saves me from washing a few pots to prepare this dish.

Macaroni Cheese in Breville Flavour Maker
Macaroni Cheese in Breville Flavour Maker

FlavourĀ  Maker comes with an easy sear pan. I was able to sear the bacon bits in this pan over the stovetop and then once the searing process is done, I place back the sear pan into the slow cooker base and start the slow cooking function.


1 tablespon of cooking oil

500g of bacon bits

250g grated cheddar cheese

500g macaroni cheese

330ml evaporative milk

2 cups of milk

300g butter cube

salt and pepper to taste

1 pack of baby corn

A handful of spinach

250g of mushroom


Sear the bacon bits with one tablespoon of cooking oil. You do not need to much oil to sear the bacon bitsĀ  in the non-stick sear pan.

Once that is done, remove the sear pan from the stovetop and place it into the flavour maker and add the macaroni cheese into it.

Next add the rest of the ingredients and mix them well with a spatula.

Turn on the slow cooker on high and cook it for an hour and then give the mixture a proper stir.

After that, cook it again for another an hour.

Finally, turn off the slow cooker and stir the mixture well and serve it hot.

Everyone will definitely like it.

Macaroni Cheese in Flavour Maker
Macaroni Cheese in Flavour Maker